Last Post. Glucosamine Solution Recipe Posted.

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    Last Post. Glucosamine Solution Recipe Posted.

    This is my last post regarding this. If still no comments, I give up.

    Ok, This is the best I can figure a recipe in development for a sterile glucosamine solution.

    Step 1
    Use Cottonseed Oil, Peg 400, BA 3%, likely BB, and powder.

    First boil water in sauce pan to use at 212 F degrees for 10 minutes. Empty water out of pan, and add 52 ml oil to sauce pan. At slow heat, bring oil to 212 F degrees, maintain for 5 minutes. Perhaps use syringe and transfer oil to pre-sterilized vial using sterial filter on the syringe and set aside. This should be sterile oil in the vial if I understand correctly.

    Step 2
    In a open 100 ml vial, put in 15 grams of glucosamine powder, and add 2 ml or 200 cc of BA to the powder, add 6 ml of Peg 400, and likely some BB. Transfer some warm oil if need be. Close the vial with a lid, and roll/ shake vial to attempt to dissolve the powder. If powder dissolves, filter through a coffee filter once or twice, and place inside a new open vial.

    Step 3
    Take the dissolved powder mix, and draw up into a syringe, and sterial filter the powder solution into the 100 ml vial containing the oil using a syringe and a sterile filter on the syringe.

    Now if I understand all that I have read, I should have a sterile solution of 60ml inside a pre-sterilized 100 ml vial.
    ============================== ===============

    For those that know how to do this process, did I end up with a sterile soultion? If not, what did i do wrong, or what do you think may be a potential problem with the solution?



  2. CNN, post this over at under the other conversions section. There are bros that visit that board that should be able to help out. You're main concern will be whether or not the powder will dissolve or not with ba/bb. I don't understand the cofee filter being used if the powder is of quality.

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