fall/winter bulk

  1. fall/winter bulk

    I am 5-7 160 and I am planning on running a 10 wk bulker in the fall/winter. I am planning on running 500mg wk of test E. This will be my first pinning cycle and wanted to know if I need to jump start with d-bol or should the test be fine as a standalone. This seems like a very popular cycles for newbies at pinning, hope to gain some good quality mass that I can keep. I have pct set up with nolva and clomid and all neccesary items. I have done couple of the orals with decent gains.

  2. Based on what I have read you would see better results by jumpstarting with the oral. My understanding is as soon as you begin injecting the test e you will be shutdown, and at the same time the benefits of the test e will not kick in for 3-5 weeks. So it makes sense to use an oral to jumpstart.

    There are much better guys here who could answer this. So perhaps they will respond as well.

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