19-nor & 4-ad homebrew dosage?

  1. 19-nor & 4-ad homebrew dosage?

    I am making curt2go's formula for a homebrew of 19-nor and 4-ad. I bought Le Mélange blue 8 oz. bottles w/ fingertip sprayers, and what is the dosage of one spray? I believe i read somewhere that it was 1.75 ml, but i wasn't sure if that was for the t-gel. Also, what are the recommended daily dosage of 19-nor and 4-ad with curt2go's formula?

    One more question, I am on propecia, how would it react with this stack?
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  2. anyone????

  3. Dosage i suser dependent how big arew you whats your cycle history come on buddy give us somethin to go on. I would say for a first cycle 200 mg of each per day wouldnt be bad but you could go as high as 600 of each per day without to many problems for the average user. I would reccmend liquidex if you dont want to bloat up to bad.

  4. thanx for the info

  5. ...hey im just bout to try the same cycle and also on propecia.basically it goes like this...in simple terms...19 nor wont reach its target hormone of DHN due to propecia,instead it will remain as nandrolone....this being more androgenic than DHN.its not an ideal situation but maybe the best option with have.....race you to a combover cheers mark j oh yeah the 4ad converts to test and remains as test due to propecia...this is better news than DHT obviously...however i might drop the 4ad as the test can still trigger hairloss.

  6. so is it better to not use propecia or to use it? seems like we are damned if we do and damned if we dont.

  7. ...the safest hairloss cycle would be 19nor without propecia...however once youve started propecia you should stay on it.the best other option we have is a topical anti-androgen...spiro being the most popular...i plan to use this 2*daily....this hopefully will stop the test and nandrolone setting up home in my precious follicules good luck markj


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