Short "Cycles" of Accutane / Isotretinoin

  1. Short "Cycles" of Accutane / Isotretinoin

    I have some acne on my back, shoulders and chest, but its not too bad (i'm prone to it but it looks better when I go tanning). I will be going on a 12 week cycle of 400mg/wk deca and 500mg cyp kickstarted with 30-40mg dbol (4-6 weeks) starting at the end of august, and I am concerned that my acne is going to flare up and get pretty bad.

    Now, i remember hearing somewhere that you can take Isotretinoin at 20mg per day for 2 weeks, and that will be effective enough to clear you up for a few months. But when I searched on here, i cant find anyone using it for such a short period at low dosage (and of course I cant remember where i read about the short dosing). I also saw a lot of reports of depression and hair loss, and that doesn't sound like something I want to have to deal with. On the other hand, i dont want to look horrible with tons of acne and I think I would be willing to take a chance with the Isotretinoin.

    Now, my question is: has anyone tried dosing this stuff for a short time at a light dose (20mg) and seen good results? I obviously dont want to be on it for 6 months or longer, especially since my cycle starts in august and i dont want to include more liver toxic substances because of the dbol.

    Ideally, I want to run it a few weeks prior to my cycle to clear me up and keep the acne under control while i will be on the gear. But now, i'm not sure its that simple....

    Any opinions on how i should run the Isotretinoin, or if i should stay away? Any experiences?

    Thanks in advance

  2. i would not user it for less than 3 months my doctor had me at 80 mg ed for 6 months and some even go a year. this takes time to get in the system and dry up up your skin. it worked for as a matter a fact i just order a 80mg ed two month supply and will order two more after.

  3. how long before you started seeing results? im trying to judge if i have time to start before my cycle

  4. Yeah that 20mg ed you mentioned is way Low...and noone has ever responded to the stuff in no 2 weeks,thats just not realistic to say the leqst,you should expect 6 mos usage at least,it more often than not actually makes the acne worse before it makes it better,thats just how it works,so for months 1-3 your acne will prolly get worse,and then begin to clear after it worsens....probably not what you wanna hear,but thats how it goes,,,....don't go taking the stuff without bloodwork and lipids in line,stuff's dangerous.

  5. it will work if taken for like 3-4 months @ 20mg it would clear you perfect...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BigPHusers11 View Post
    it will work if taken for like 3-4 months @ 20mg it would clear you perfect...
    thats not very good advice,that may have worked for you,but everyone responds differently,and somes lipids get too bad before the iso can even take hold,not smart to take without bloowork


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