T-1 Final cycle ends...what do I expect afterword?

  1. T-1 Final cycle ends...what do I expect afterword?

    Once again, I can do nothing but sing praises about T-1 Final. Over the past three weeks I have lost body fat (despite eating like a refugee at a midnight buffet) and gained size and hardness. More than anything my muscles have taken on a superior QUALITY that surpasses anything I've seen before. I almost hate to stop.

    But like they say, ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END!

    Now my question is: What do I expect now?

    On the night I take my last dose of T-1 I know to begin my bottle of 6-OXO. But after reading now I wish I had some liquid Clomid. However I've been taking Formasin throughout the cycle so I think I'll be okay.

    Will there be mood swings?

    What about Physical effects?

    How long until the T-1 is out of my bloodstream?

    These are questions you don't really consider to the last week.

    Let's hear from your experiences please.

  2. I sent you a PM.. I had some questions regarding your cycle

  3. No mood swings I'm just real tired for about a week and a half until my natural test starts getting back up. My last cycle I was absorbing over a gram a week of 1test and lethargy wasn't a problem. It always hits me like two or three days after my last application. T-1 will be out of your system in a day. Libido also suffers. For some reason I get really smart after a cycle, maybe because I don't think about sex??

    Later J

  4. i actually took a break for a week after my cycle. dont know if that's a bad thing or not but i kept most of my gains and i didnt have any depession or any bad things happen to me. I think you'll be ok on the 6-oxo..just make sure you take 6 ED for the first week.

  5. I plan to but what the reason for 6 specifically?



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