T-1 Final results so far and question about post cycle

  1. T-1 Final results so far and question about post cycle

    Ok I'm over half way through my T-1 Final cycle (roughly 5 week cycle and I'm going to be starting week 4) and so far I'm really impressed. I put on roughly 8 pounds and I've only measured my arms so far but I put on half an inch in my arms throughout the cycle. This is the first supplement I ever took that I can say I saw results from. I have a bottle of liquid Clomid and a bottle of liquid Nolva and was wondering which I should take for my post cycle. I know most people take the Clomid but I also heard a few people taking Nolva for post cycle. If I take the Clomid would I be able to use the Nolva for another post cycle if I decide to do another T-1 Final cycle? or is the Nolva just for treating gyno? Also how long is liquid Nolva good for if I don't use it?

  2. You can take either one for post cycle. The amount you take is different though. So take the clomid this post and nolv the next doesn't really matter. Personally I just always take Nolv. I don't like being an emotional woman from the clomid. Shelf life, hmm, don't know but I'm sure it's in here somewhere, read up. Bro I would also suggest you read some info on both clomid and nolv so you know how they work. You should always know what your putting into your body. Later J

  3. Yeah I did some research and just recently read an article in Iron Man magazine all about anti es and a lot of the stuff is confusing to me but I get the gif of it I think(I'm no scientist). They block the things that make the estrogen or something like that. I forget all the technical stuff but thats basically what I got out of it. I was just wondering if Nolva was ok for post cycle too because everyone always says to take Clomid for post cycle and have Nolva on hand for gyno and hardly anyone ever says to take Nolva for post cycle.

    How long does Nolva last before it goes bad because I think I'll end up doing another cycle of T-1 Final.

  4. would 6 oxo by ergo be fine in place of the clomid and nolva?

  5. Originally posted by 40 in 12
    would 6 oxo by ergo be fine in place of the clomid and nolva?

    Yes.  Go for the clomid or nolva if you can though.



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