hey guys first cycle experts needed...

  1. Talking hey guys first cycle experts needed...

    ....first post here ...awesome site...cool members...looking forward to my first cycle.so ive got 2 noraderm coming,1 4aderm and 2 6oxos.so ive got a total of 24 grams of 19nor and 12grams of 4 ad.sosholud i go for a 4 week,6 week or a 4 on 4 off and 4 on cycle.my dosing was gonna be 300mg 19nor and 150mg 4ad is this cool? cheers for your help markj

  2. IMO, since its and 19 Nor go for a longer cycle 6-8 weeks depending on dosing. Nor is a slow acting PH and needs to be done for longer periods of time to realize the the full benefit.

    Have fun and be safe.

    Make sure you run full post cycle regimen as 19nor will shut you down hard.

  3. ...thanks windy.ill go for 6 weeks at 400mg 19 nor a day.shall i start the 4ad from day one...what do you think?And post cycle i was gonna use zma and 2 bottles of 6oxo...will that be enough?sholud i have anything else to hand before i start?im nervous but excited here...many friends are using me as the test monkey....if i have enough hair left for a comb over there in on my next cycle. cheers markj

  4. That should be fine. Have fun and be safe. Run your 6OXO at 600mg for a week (7 days) then taper down by 200mg each additional week until your bottles are gone.

  5. Hey marcus i will be running a similar cycle here in the next month my will consist of Noraderm (19 nordiol) @ 500 mgs / day for 6 weeks and 1,4 andro ( dione) for 8 weeks @ 900 mgs / day. I will have nolvadex on hand incase gyno starts. My post cycle will be a combo of nolva and 6 OXO for faster recovery i will run that for 4 weeks. I will keep you up to date on my progress. good luck with your cycle keeps up to date. later

  6. just so you guys know you might want to read up on nolva for post cycle. its much cheaper then 6oxo and i think its undesputed to be stronger also. just thought i'd let ya know...i used 6oxo for my first cycle also before i found this place

  7. i was going to use nolva and 6 OXO together for post cycle b/c i have read a number of threads were guys have used them to gether and have had faster recovery times.but i might just sick with strait nolva. I was woundering have any of heard of any one use E-form and nolva for post and if so what was there take on it cause i haven't any thing yet on guys combining them.


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