1. Oxabol

    Thoughts on Oxabol(HydroxyNandrolone) from Promatrix?

  2. interesting I'd say it is over priced not sure of the chemical makeup and how it would compare to other prohormones. http://www.oxabol.com/main.html

  3. I have a quick question for one of the PH gurus: Is this the same formula as TMM-100? I know that is another nandrolone-type PH and there are several ways of writing some of these chemical names, so I wanted to know if they are equivalent. Thanks


  4. Love the claims. It advertises "Contains actual Nandrolone in its chemical name" as a feature.

    Then goes on to say "More anabolic than Nandrolone." Mmhmm.

  5. I've tried Testobol from Promatrix and found little or no benefit. It's very expensive and in my opinion a waste of money. You can't get time back, so I wouldn't waste it on these products.
    Instead, try a 1-ad/4-ad cycle, or something similar.

  6. Molecular supposedly pulled it from development because it failed to produce the desired results.


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