Need some advice.

  1. Need some advice.

    I'll start off with stats..
    6-2, 190-197 lbs. 9% bf
    just finished cutting up from 207.
    my diet is in order.
    I just started a super One+(8squirts x2), 4 cyp(vpx) cycle.
    I was originaly going to run along with this 250mg of Dazed's nor inj. mon. and Thurs. but I just received the package from him. I'm looking to do somewhat of a maintenance cycle and just put on lean body mass without excess fat gain, as I will be bulking come October. My question is: should I start the nor 1 week into the cycle and perhaps run it 1 week longer than everything else? I also purchased the
    1-dehydroandrostanolone-17-cypionate and the 4-androstenediol-17-cypionate, should I just wait and run these all together my next cycle?
    Any suggestions or comments are very much appreciated...Thanx


  2. Just run it dude and whether you finish up or not at the same time or 1 week difference is not a big deal. Just be sure your running a full post cycle program and have fun.

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