Halodrol Side Effects

  1. Question Halodrol Side Effects

    Hey all. I am on day 21 of a GL Mega-H (Halodrol clone) cycle @ 50mg/day.

    About five days ago, I got a case of what I would describe as mild diarrhea. At first I figured I had come down with the stomach flu but the problem is, the condition hasn't really improved. I'm going like five or six times a day where I would normally only go once. And when I go (I apologize in advance for the visual), it's usually quite runny.

    Anyway, I was wondering if this condition could be caused by the Mega-H. As far as I know, the stomach flu only lasts a couple of days which is why I wasn't really concerned until the symptoms persisted.

    If it makes a difference, I'm also taking 3 - 4 Anabolic Pump per day.

    Any advice/information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I cannot say for sure "why" you're pooping a waterfall...

    However, I will say that I call Anabolic Pump (Anabolic Dump). Great product, love the stuff... But man o' man does it make me go! TMI (I Know!)

    Good luck on your cycle bro!

  3. Its the anabolic dump not the halodrol.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by FrankJ View Post
    Its the anabolic dump not the halodrol.
    Okay, well maybe I'll stop the AP for a few days and see if the symptoms disappear. Funny thing is though, I took AP for a month and a half earlier this year and didn't experience these symptoms.

  5. haha got the same thing on havoc dude. however in this case id knock out the AP.

    anabolic pump= anabolic dump
    no explode = NO ******* explode

  6. Definitely the anabolic dump.

    I had 0 sides on Hemadrol


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