91% Isoproply Alcohol. Will this work?

  1. 91% Isoproply Alcohol. Will this work?

    1. This is my first post. Im quite good at chemistry, so if anyone is doing something and needs the advice of someone who knows book chemistry well--thats me.

    2. Ok, im making a transdermal 1AD/4AD/androsterone transdermal. I can get my powders dirt cheap, and im thinking of just grabing some DMSO and IPM from a compounding pharmacy and using an isoproply OH solvent. I bought a 91% solution at Eckerd. Does anyone think that this is a big deal? Im sure that my PH's wont dissolve quite as well, but not to a large degree, right?

    Perhaps i should just use 9% less prohormone, instead of 50 mg/ ml, maybe i just use 40 mg. Do ya think this would effect anything else other than solubility, it wouldnt affect the transdermal properties right?

  2. It will work well but for maximum solvation use PEG-400.


  3. thanks bro. thats poly ethylene glycol, right?


    wheres the best place to get it?

  4. http://lemelange.com and look for the bodybuilder supplies link...

    Tell Melissa that Big Daddy Chemo sent you..


  5. thanks bro



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