I am about to start my first cycle of PH's and needed some additional advice. Hope I am posting this in the right place. I have done quite a bit of research but would appreciate all of you guys' input.

My stats:
36 years old, 6' 1", 188 lbs, 14% bodyfat

I am starting a 4 week cycle of Tren Xtreme from American Cellular Labs. Supplement facts are 19-Norandrosta 4.9 diene 3.17 dione 30mg per cap. My understanding is that this is similar to Finigenx.

I am planning on the following cycle:

Week 1 30mg x 1
Week 2 30mg x 2
Week 3 30mg x 3
Week 4 30mg x 3

During the whole cycle I am planning on taking Kre-Alkalin, Protein, Glutamin, ZMA, milk thistle.

Starting week 4, I am planning on taking 6-oxo and Tribulus. As a post cycle therapy i will take Nolva, 6-oxo, tribulus and Retain 2, milk thistle.

I dont drink, my diet is good and I work out 5 times a week.

Now here are my questions:
-What do you think about the cycle and what I am taking during the cycle?
-What do you think about the post cycle therapy, is it sufficient, over the top or not enough?
-What other supplements would you suggest?
-Any other tips for a first time user?

All input is highly appreciated. Thanks guys.