IDS Sostonol 250 review

  1. IDS Sostonol 250 review

    I just started my 4th week with this stuff and i gotta say i hate this stuff. I gained just a few pounds on this stuff, strength went up a little, nothing suprising, to me my body looks no different, no sides except for the aggression which was a big thing. i took 2 a day got plenty of sleep, lots of calories, LOTS of protein and i also stacked it with LG Sciences RECEPTOR and i think that product is a bunch of bull to. My opinion id say go with a different product.

  2. RECEPTOR is bullsht mate

    And nobody likes IDS

  3. Quote Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
    RECEPTOR is bullsht mate

    And nobody likes IDS
    ya sucks that i figured this out first hand. i kinda cant wait to get off this stuff. this is my last week then i start my PCT with some nolvadex and i just ordered some greenmag/whiteflood, really lookin foward to this.

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