Gyno caused From Fina

  1. Gyno caused From Fina

    <SPAN class=postcolor>Got this from another site. I believe it is wriiten by fonz.

    The ONLY way to combat Fina Gyno which is caused by Prolactin

    Fina is a VERY POWERFUL anti-glucocorticoid, so what
    exactly does it do to reduce endogeneous cortisone

    There is only ONE mechanism:

    A reduction in the TOTAL Free T4 and T3 levels within the

    T3 is HIGHLY catabolic to muscle, therefore by reducing it by(
    take 45% as shown by Nandi as an example), you are
    exerting a ridiculously high protein-sparing effect.

    YES, thats right, Fina is not THAT anabolic IN VIVO, it is
    far, and I do mean FAR more of an ANTI-CATABOLIC
    AAS than anything else.

    Ok, now lets back-track to the problem at hand.

    TSH has been reduced by the trenbolone, which in
    turns signals the thyroid to reduce endogeneously
    produced levels of T3 and T4.

    This reduction(As Nandi mentioned) causes a VERY
    sharp drop in free T3 levels because of the reduction
    in both the endogeneously produced T4 and T3.
    (Remember that 80% of the free T3 is produced from
    the metabolically inactive T4)

    These dimished levels of T3,T4 cause Thyrotropin Releasing
    Hormone(TRH) to become OVER-STIMULATED.

    In essence, this is your bodies feed-back loop to reduced
    thyroid hormones, due to a GLUCO-CORTICOID suppresive
    effect. This is however NOT like hypothyroidic patients
    who have a naturally defective(or damaged) thyroid.

    When TRH becomes over-stimulated the net effect is
    a VERY sharp increase in prolactin levels.

    Critical here.....


    Now, herein lies the problem. Everybody is bio-chemically
    different, therefore the TRH increase is EXTREMELY

    While someone will stimulate TRH say X% and ultimately
    cause a rise in prolactin of say Y% with a daily
    dosage of 50mg ED of Fina, another person will
    cause a 2X% rise in TRH and 2Y+% rise in prolactin
    which will invariably lead to gyno.

    This is just genetics. Nothing can be done about this.

    However, there are ways to combat prolactin-elevations:

    This btw, HAS TO BE EXACT. If you over-dose you cause
    a progestenic shift due to severely inhibited prolactin levels,
    or if you under-dose you run the risk of getting prolactin
    induced gyno.

    As a note: PROGESTERONE does NOT, I repeat NOT come into
    play with Fina at all. It only becomes into play when you're
    trying to inhibit prolactin synthetically.

    The only thing that can combat Fina-induced Gyno is:

    One 2.5mgs Bromocriptine broken down to 1.25mgs 2X/day
    AM and PM.

    Thats it.

    No Vitex/Nolva/Clomid/Arimidex or whatever. They don't
    work for Fina.


  2. Good info bone!

  3. Nice info, although I posted an article on Bromo awhile ago..

    See it for yourself..

  4. Some handy info there bone. Later J

  5. Too bad this has been picked apart. Nobody knows what CAUSES gyno. Estrogen seems to be th main culprit but some say its just the imbalance in hormones that can causes gyno, not the hormone itself.****3601
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  6. Yeah Lyle says prolactin does not cause gyno it only exaserbates it,the cause is estrogen and progesterone.

  7. Originally posted by Bobo
    Too bad this has been picked apart. Nobody knows what CAUSES gyno. Estrogen seems to be th main culprit but some say its just the imbalance in hormones that can causes gyno, not the hormone itself.
    I agree with this. Too many theories but not enough facts.


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