PH cycle recomendation

  1. PH cycle recomendation

    I just got my Monster cycle in from Can any of you recommend a cycle and 6 oxo post cycle? I'm planning 4 weeks.
    age 30
    wt 220
    bf ~15%

    1 test
    4 ad

    I was thinking 400mg a day for each (1t and 4ad)?

    post cycle

    been training natural for the last few years *(did some gear when I was younger)

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  2. You do not need to run 400 of each. Cut that in 1/2 and do 2 cycles.. 4 weeks on 4 weeks off 4 weeks on. Then you will be much happier.. Also run 2 bottles of 6-oxo after each cycle.. Hope that helps.. TTY
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  3. I feel that clomid/nolva, arimidex or other such products would be better to have on-hand since phs do tend to shut me down pretty hard.

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