Androgel ???

  1. Androgel ???

    My Dr gave me a script for androgel. Had labs done and my test levels were low DR prescribed androgel. It contains 5gms test per dose twice daily. Wouldnt 700mgs a wk cause supression which would defeat the purpose

  2. BTW I did a 9wk super,phera,trn cycle that ended in march I ran 4wks pct nolva trib and a cort blocker shouldnt my test returned to normal by now. Had great gains but lost about 20%strength and 10lbs. I know I was stupid for running such a long cycle.

  3. It does NOT contain 5 grams of testosterone. It is 5 grams of gel that is a 1% concentration of active testosterone. That is the equivilant of 50mg of testosterone.

    Consisder that it will absorb at an estimated 10% rate of absorption you will only be administering 5mg of testosterone per day or in your case 10mg (2x day).

    BTW this too will cause suppresion. You are using exogenous testosterone to replace what your body is unable to produce naturally. This replacement (exogenous) testosterone will trigger you pituitary gland to reduce LH excression as a result of an elevated testosterone level from the exogenous testosterone. Basically you will be shut down.

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