gonna try ph. help me.

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    gonna try ph. help me.

    Ok, i added t-1 pro a couple of months ago to my winny/t3/clen cycle and continued it for a few weeks after, i seemed to see soem decent results.

    I'm intersted in doing my own just pro horomone cycle. This si my goal to add 10lbs of keepable muscle. i basically just want to fill out the rest f my frame cause a few areas are lacking anad a few areas are massive. . .

    whats the best stack to achieve this?i prefer making my own. i don' tmind the idea of injecting as long as it's not every day. please feel free to post your recipes. . . i saw oen that yellow jacket put up, i think i am going to try/

    by the way, i have about 150-200 beans that i am willing to put forth for this effort. i think that shoudl be more than enough. thanks~

  2. Do some research and remeber eat and sleep. Nutrition and rest are the most important thing. and check out legalgear.com they might have what your looking for.

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