summer cutting cycle

  1. summer cutting cycle

    I am getting ready to start a cutting cycle with 11-0x0 and furazadrol. I have some original s-drol left and was thinking about adding this in to help increase strength gains. I believe that 110x0 and furazadrol are not 17a mehtyl, so would it be alright to run s-drol with these. Just wanted to know what you guys think.

  2. how are you going to stack this? Can you write it out?

  3. I am going to run the 11-oxo at 3 caps in am and 3 caps in the pm.The furazadrol will be 3 caps spread out during the day. I am not sure about the s-drol. I was going to start out with one cap pre w/o and go from there depending on how I feel. The cycle may vary. I think 4 weeks for sure,but possibly 6 weeks. That would be starting the s-drol at week 2 thru 6. This means I would finish the cycle with s-drol stand alone and then 4 weeks pct.

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