Does anyone know if cycle support can hinder gains while taking a prohormone?

  1. Question Does anyone know if cycle support can hinder gains while taking a prohormone?

    I was searching on the forums and saw someone mention that using liver support during a cycle of Halodrol-50 it hindered his gains. Anyone else have this happen to them or heard of this? The only way I can see someone knowing for sure if cycle support did hinder gains was if they did everything the same but during one cycle they didnt use cycle support to see what the difference in gains would be.

    I have 2 containers of cycle support and was planning to use one of them while on Halodrol-50 and the other during post cycle therapy. I know some people say liver support supplements are not even worth it but I know some choose to take them to be on the safe side. Also heard Halodrol-50 is a pretty mild compound and theres no need for cycle support while using it?

    So should I maybe only take cycle support during post cycle therapy or both?


  2. I don't care how mild a steroid or PH is, a person should ALWAYS take liver and cardiovascular support when using substances of this nature.

    Like the old saying goes, better safe than sorry. And what is a couple pounds of muscle even if it does hinder gains?

  3. Yes it can, but dosing timing is key to avoid this. Separate your dosages between your hormonals and cycle support, by 2-4 hours to avoid any conflict. Honestly, I have to disagree with the other poster's statement, b/c without blood work and labs, you can't determine how harsh something is on your system. I feel that the toxicity of certain products have been overrated and underrated numberous times enough for me to not just jump on any type of bandwagon without some feedback. I would also favor sam-e vs. NAC and milk thistle any day.

  4. Yes it can but the effect should not be that much and really what is a few % differnce in light of your health?

  5. It can but timing is everything.
    Also, I would rather not gain as much and use it that run a cycle without it.

  6. Yeah, what they all said. **** another pound of muscle if it means I need a new kidney. Ya Read me?
    My The 1 LOG:

  7. Thanks for the replys

    I am going to take the CS during the cycle and pct. I started Halodrol today :bruce3:
    feel free to stop by my log


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