3-alpha transdermal.. another question

  1. 3-alpha transdermal.. another question

    Ive been away for awhile.. anyway im looking into doing a 3-alpha trasdermal cycle.. my thoughts were getting some t-gel and adding 10 grams of 3-alpha(1fast only sells in 10 grams for some reason) and about 2 grams of Formestane...  now for me hairloss is not an issue as im already pretty bald and shave my head anyway so should i add more 3-alpha? im looking to run a 6-week cycle.. should i stack this with anything? also what dosages do you guys recommend?

  2. i was thinking of adding 5g of 4ad to make a total 15g solution..  i heard somewhere that 4ad and 3-alpha work well together

  3. DHT increases the effectiveness of testoserone by binding to the sex hormones. So, yes, you would want to stack with 4-AD or test.

    There is no need for formestane during the cycle, unless you are looking for its anabolic effects (which are mild). 3-Alpha is a strong anti-aromatase.

  4. yeah i forgot 3-alpha is more of an anti-estrogen.. so does the 10g of 3-alpha and 5g of 4ad sound good? or should i reverse that? and what should the dosage be?

  5. I have never stacked the two alone (I have stacked 1-test/test/3-Alpha), but I would guess that 300 mg's/day 3-Alpha and 300 mg's/day 4-AD would be a good starting point.

  6. now how much would that come to as far as pumps? seems kinda high like 3 pumps 2 times a day i dunno maybe im doing my math wrong.. was never good at that heh isnt 300mg for 3-alpha the usually oral dosage? i would think transdermal i would need less.. i dunno im just trying to work it into my budget

  7. I went with 150 mg's a day with zero negative sides. If you want to be conservative, start with that number and work up.

    How may ml's per squirt do you get from your bottle?

  8. well id be using the t-gel from chemo so those are still 2ml a believe

  9. i was also thinkin of doing this instead 6g of 1-test 6g of 4ad and 3g formestane at 1 squit twice a day it would last me 6 weeks and is a lot cheaper that doing 3-alpha.. ive already done 1 cycle of t1pro when it first came out but got hurt playing basketball so i had to cut my cycle short at only 2 weeks.. the rest of it i ended up selling to a friend..

  10. if i go with the 1-test i was thinking of adding psycho cyclo 1-t for preworkout a few times a week also


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