t3 clen combo from LR

  1. t3 clen combo from LR

    I just put my order in today, those that have used it how were your results, how much did you take a day and did you split it up, and whats the best way to eat on it to maximize gains/loss (dunno what you would call it cause you are losing bf but gaining vascalarity and hardness) ?

  2. anyone?

  3. Should've asked first, then bought. I have read where many suggest buying them separately.

  4. You don't increases vascularity or hardness on T3. It actually causes you to look very depleted as it has a negtive effect on muscle glycogen. It should be taken with some sort of AAS. The doses don't match up for me either. If I took 125mcg of T3, I would be taking much more than 125mcg of Clen, but everyone is different. Its a great combo but the doses are a little off for me. Any diet will work but its recommened a 40/40/20 split be used to minimize glycogen depletion while on T3. If you can handle the softer look, then a CKD will work fine. It's up to you.
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