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    Heating Oil

    Hello all, I'm new to this site, and I have a question about heating up oils to be sterial.

    My two choices are sesame seed oil and cotton seed oil with the prior being first choice although both are acceptable.

    I experimented with just heating up plain criso oil I believe, and used a cooking thermomitor to gauge the temperature. I put it in a sauce pan, and used a very low fire to heat with. About 1 inch of the thermomitor was down in the oil.

    After about 8-10 minutes the temp reached 212 F degrees, and went slightly higher so I backed off on the fire, and the temp decreased below 212 F degrees, so I turned up the fire slightly and back above
    212 F degrees. At no time did the oil boil with lots of bubbles like water normally does.

    Here's the question. To sterlize the oil how long should the oil remain at 212 F degrees or slightly higher, and should the thermomitor not touch the bottom of the sauce pan when heating? This question pertains to just the oil with no ingrediants.

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post to, but I wasn't sure which forum to use. I appreciate any feedback. Did a search, but didn't find much pertaining to this.


  2. What are you attempting to do?


  3. Are you trying to sterilize oil before making a homebrew injectable? Or are you cutting a ready made one with oil for less pain?

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