Methenolone or Boldenone

  1. Methenolone or Boldenone

    Hey alll,

    I have an upcoming cycle that I was planning to run:

    1200mg Test E Weeks 1-18
    900mg Bold U Weeks 1-18
    900mg Tren E Weeks 1-18
    50mg ED Test Prop Week 19
    75mg ED Test Prop Week 20
    100mg ED Test Prop Week 21
    *I always allow the other stuff time to clear, was even thinking of stopping Boldenone like week 17.

    Then PCT

    My quesiton however is not about when to stop which compound but about using Primo E in place of boldenone.

    I have never used primo e but I know both are quite mild AAS and thought it might be interesting to try it in place of boldenone at say 1g+ a week as I know it is inherently weak. However I would like to hear others opinions as I have heard of people getting good results with just 600mg and since it is the first time I have used it I would like to use the least amount possible to get the best returns.

    Please let me know what you all think.

  2. Anyone have any experience with primo that can lend a hand a what you think? Please.....

  3. well that is a lot of gear to start with but bang for the buck your better off with the bold U. there is no point really in running bold past a gram a week though, there is a point of diminishing returns there and its right about at a gram. (800 being the "sweet spot"). I am guessing, that is I don't know, that you would have a similar response with the primo with some variation in the range. But primo is really expensive even as a powder and it really doesn't do that much more (or less in terms of sides) then other items so I would be hard pressed to justify running it. JM2C though. .

  4. the EQ is good enough no need for primo. Do you plan on using any anti-E?

  5. yeah, real low does either letro or aromasin. Thinking aromasin but have so much damn letro dont know what to do.



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