M-Drol Under-Dosed??

  1. M-Drol Under-Dosed??

    wutup everyone. i hear some ppl say that a lot of clones are underdosed from the originals that come out. i was wondering if those of u who have tried m-drol think if its properly dosed or under-dosed?

  2. According to this it's not:

    Name:  m-drol_labanalysis.jpg
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  3. nice bro. where u happen to find that? everywhere i look on nutrition sites, they dont have it on the m-drol page

  4. On the DA forums.

  5. ooh ok. i know they have one for the h-drol, but i didnt know they had one for m-drol. there clones seem legit. havent tried any, but im just wondering if i should go with m-drol or methyl dx3

  6. I have no idea. Never used either, but I'm pretty sure M-drol is cheaper(cost-wise, not quality).

  7. yeah i see m-drol for $27 right now and mdx3 is $35. ive heard mdx3 is really legit tho

  8. anyone else have any experience??

  9. Quote Originally Posted by P4D2A022 View Post
    anyone else have any experience??
    Not personally, but my old training partner took mdrol recently and got all the superdrol effects (and side effects) so I'd say it's legit

  10. i know mdx3 is legit no doubt, had lots of people use it with all good success. m-drol seems to come from a good company and has a good COA, nutraplanet seems to think they are good enough to sell so thats says alot more than some of these cheap knockoff companies. only feedback/time will tell. i would feel confident in buying it but if dont, just wait a while until more feedback comes in. check DA forums to, i think their are a few logs there as well.

  11. M drol is good!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    According to this it's not:

    Name:  m-drol_labanalysis.jpg
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    LOL it off by .01. Close enough for me.

  13. Check out the logs at DA

  14. ahhh i actually got banned from the da forums. they banned me for such a stupid reason but whatever.. i wonder how much long methyl dx3 and m-drol will be around???

  15. what is da?

  16. discountanabolix


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