i need a little fina education

  1. i need a little fina education

    how does this compare to 1-test and 4ad. How much should be mixed into a transderm formula. what are the sides bloat, gyno,ect... ? how bad does it shut you down? what is it usually combined with i.e. 1test 4ad?? any other general information would be great too.. I tryed searching for all this stuff with minimal results. Can you pick this stuff up at any ranch supply store?

  2. Not much bloat, I would not combine it with 1test, but 4ad would be good. Take a look over at Big Cat's profiles, sticky at the top, and it has a ton of info in there.

  3. Fina is a very good product. However, in some it can cause one to have serious shutdown of HPTA.

  4. Fina will shut you down very hard bro. You will need a good post cycle of nolva or clomid. It can be stacked with any form of test but most commonly stacked with test prop. If you stack it with test be aware of progesterone gyno. If you start to have gyno symptoms, Bromocriptin is the only thing that will combat against prog gyno. Nolvadex will not work so don't even try. If you run Fina alone gyno is not an issue, it is only when it is stacked with test. I have had great results with a fina only cycle at 100mg ed for 8 - 10 weeks. It will cause very little water retention. If you have a hot temper i suggest you don't try it. I myself have been banned from fina by my girl friend. She said i am a maniac when i take Trenbolone. I have a hot temper though so if this is not you then don't worry about it. I don't suggest transdermal formula as it is so easy to convert to an injectable and you can probably find 100 recipes off of the boards on the net. It is cheap and effective to convert it rather that the DMSO version.

  5. thanks a lot bro that was the kind of info i was looking for. Why is it prog gyno is an issue only if stack with test? does this include 1-test? and how about 4ad to keep your libido runing strong? one more thing i am not sure of. Can you get this at any ranch supply, or feed store? thanks

  6. technically i believe gyno cannot form outside of the prescence of estrogen so progesterone gyno without test is all but impossible( the exception would be if you already have high estro levels) No dont stack it with 1-test they are far to similar of compounds to be really complementary. I would say 400 mg of transdermal 4 ad per day should keep you pretty horny.

  7. I don't need to post this on the forums is this the right stuff to get if i was making a trans?
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  8. yep I would remove the ester if I were you.

  9. how is this done? i was just reading big cat's fina profile, and he claims you get better absorbtion oraly that transderm. is this because the ester? how can you take the ester off?

  10. I think that the cats info is outdated, you can remove an ester using naoh and methanol. Chemos got the full posting around here somewhere. Bobo whos a pretty bright bro says it increases absorption by as much as double. from like 15-30%

  11. I have an article on prog gyno and estrogen gyno. I will see if i can find it and post it.


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