1. Hydroxy-Testosterone

    what is Hydroxy-Testosterone is it new or just a new name for somthing that is already around. legalgear.com has a lotion with 3 grams of it. how does it rank with 1 test , 1,4 , 4ad ect...

  2. 4-hydroxy test is relatively new on the scene so there is little feeback from use...but what IS out there could be considered extremely positive.

    In the chemical world, 4-hydroxy test is usually the intermediate for manufacture of other AAS and anti-estrogenic compounds.

    Since it has a 4-hydroxy it will increase its affinity to the estrogen receptor. In this manner, the compound should prove to be very anabolic with extremely lean, dry gains. Since it is an active compound it should also prove to be very potent.

    There is not any special liver breakdown protection so orally it will perform rather poorly. Other avenues of delivery should be pursued such as topical, sublingual, or intranasal.

    It also makes it an ideal candidate for delivery with other compounds that are traditionally estrogenic in high doses such as 4-AD.

    If anyone can add to this please feel free...


  3. just out of curiousity, how is it naturally occuring in the body?

  4. you can read some more info about it on animals board

  5. Not if you don't pay

  6. hemotep
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    so what would be a good dose for transdermal. I may add this to my 4 week/800mg or 6 week 600mg 4ad cycle if i can ever decide. At $7.50/g i think i can afford 142mg/day for 4 weeks.

  7. can someone please supply a link to the info on animals board about this compound?

  8. Brock, you cannot access A's board unless you are a member bro. It is not a free board. There is no point in posting links.

  9. i dont pay and im a member are you sure about that wardog? I was just there yesterday and I got in fine.

  10. Originally posted by maggmaster
    i dont pay and im a member are you sure about that wardog? I was just there yesterday and I got in fine.
    Parts of his board are still open but the "chemical anarchy" section is private and you have to pay to have access to it.


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