How Long Does 1-Test stay Detectable???

  1. How Long Does 1-Test stay Detectable???

    Just wondering what the half life is on 1-test?

    i.e test enanthate stays detacable foe up to 3 months

    any gurus know about this?????


  2. Dectetcable by what means? There is not a screen for it as of yet, unless one has been RECENTLY made.

  3. no I just mean, how long does it stay in your system for ?

  4. The half life is what you mean and it's very short 12 hours to a day..

  5. It is out very fast.. After about 4 days I would say that you would be 1-test free.. But WW7 is right there is no test for it.. TTY

    Just don't let them feel your pea sized balls after the cycle.. J/K TTY
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