heart flutters / racing heart now and againon deca and test

  1. heart flutters / racing heart now and againon deca and test

    hi not been on for a while, just a quick thanks for all advice in the past, and to ask for some more.
    im into week eight of a ten week cycle of 1ml organon deca dura bolin and half a ml test ethanate each delt once a week
    both are good and legit and ive seen good gains ,
    the deca is1 100mg per ml and the test 250mg per ml

    all has been goin well so far , i have a good clean hygenic technique and all injections have gone well thanks to your advice, i,m also taking 1 1proviron or tamoxifen aday,

    but in the past week or two, ive been experiencing a racing heart now and again and palpatations while training and at rest, theres only so much u can read up on side effects and nothing is better than expirience

    any advice or info would be great

    im 5foot 10
    train 5 times a week

    many thanks in advance
    if u need any more info on me just ask

    thanks again

  2. so youre on 100mgs of deca a week and 125mgs of testosterone....sigh

    are you sure you took anyones advice on here?

    thats not enough deca to do a thing. and youre using an amount of testosterone that is, in effect, the same amount your body produces naturally in a week.

  3. no im doin that each shoulder so double what u said

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