T-1 Pro after light 1-AD cycle opinions

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    Question T-1 Pro after light 1-AD cycle opinions

    Ok, I just did a 4 week 1-AD cycle @300 mg for the whole cycle. I got off about 1 week ago. I am currently taking 400 mg of 6OXO. I gained a good 9 pounds. I have been lifting for a a few years. 215 11% bf 5'11" 360lbs bench (damn long arms..sucks).

    Soooo do you think I can start a T-1 Pro cycle in the next week and a half or so??? I have clomid TABS to take post the T-1p. Or should I just wait the full four?? Impetuous

    No loss of strength or weight so far after one week off the 1-AD. I think it is b/c I did a low cycle and kept my training the same. Heavy


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    Hit the OXO hard for as long as you can stand it then go on for 4 more weeks then go off for at least 12 weeks with full clomid therapy after.

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