Any sides from Cal Vet supply B-12 injectable

  1. Any sides from Cal Vet supply B-12 injectable

    I have seen on another BB where many guys have tried Cal Vet supply B-12 injectable.

    Any negatives to report?

    For me, injecting .5ml, I had headaches all the time that I was using it. Could be the 1.5% benzyl alcohol that bothered me.

  2. I've tried a few mL's (always 1 mL at a time) - no issues to report.

  3. no issues here, love the stuff

  4. No issues other than injection site pain at 3 mL.

  5. No issues for me @1 ml everyday.

  6. I just got a bottle of this stuff. What's your dosing protocol?

  7. No real set protocol per se but most do 1-2 shots per week at first then do 1 shot every week to every other week.


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