Quick Thumbs up to the boyz at BDC concerning T-1 Final

  1. Thumbs up Quick Thumbs up to the boyz at BDC concerning T-1 Final

    I know many of you long term PH users are going to say "dah!" but I've just gotta say:

    T-1 Final is some good sh*t, guys!

    I have never seen anything that has positively changed my body the way this stuff has. I'm going into my third week at 2x2 and the lifts and strength are insane!

    I'll have my 30th birthday in September and I never thought that I could improve in overall quality that fast!

    I just had to say it.....I'm one of the converted now!

    Thanks and best wishes,

    The Celtic Conqueror

  2. Did you take real steroids before phs? Just curious.

  3. Good to hear you've had success with it!
  4. BDC T-1 Pro

    I'll say this, if the product is half as good as the service it will be a winner.
    I ordered late Sunday afternoon and received Tuesday morning.

  5. that's the way i felt about t1-pro..love the stuff AND the service rocks

  6. I remember my first t1-pro cycle, I think i became a better person, I started helping old ladies across the street, I braked for squirrels and the occasional jailbait, filed my taxes on time... good stuff that t1 pro is...


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