transdermal fina 4-ad questions

  1. transdermal fina 4-ad questions

    Comments on this cycle:
    I am not a good position to use pins right now, so I am thinking about doing a 3 to four week home brewed finasol cycle. I was going to use 99% IPA , IPM, and some DMSO for the Transdermal. I was thinking of putting 4 grams of fina in one container and 12 grams of 4 ad in the other and using about a gram of 4 -ad and 200 mg. of fina a day.
    I was also wondering what peoples thoughts were on long vs. shorter cycles. Do you retain more on a shorter cycle and is recovery faster?
    and Finally:
    What is the best method for keeping the most mass you have gained? I was going to get some liquid clomid. Thanks for the help.

  2. Are you using fina pellets or powder?

  3. I am going to crush up the fina pellets.

  4. I just finished up a 4 week fina and 4-ad cycle, and had what I feel were good results. I used 6 grams of fina and 4 grams of 4-ad, just crushed the pellets and put the 4-ad into a T-gel solution. Gained 14 pounds and was at about 10% BF now Im at right around 8%. Used Nolva for the post cycle and retained a soild 10 pounds after comming off the cycle. I think you will like your cycle you are planning..good luck

  5. Did yu change your training at all post cycle?

  6. better add some d-limonene to that formulation or it will stink of dsmo..better off using t-gel imo

  7. How important is the DMSO? Would just using IPA and IPM do the job good enough?

  8. imo yep they would work on there own..finasol worked for many and all it was ,4-ad and iso with fina added..but if ur going to go that route go all out..the dsmo seems to really jack the trans up..i personally have used androsol,one,tren-x and bdc gels and nothing worked like bdc's gels,even though they r similar to par's the dmso seems to be the only diff and it does make a difference..but thats my opinion

  9. Did you ever get that fina cough? I just read about the scaring of lung tissue. The guy seemed to be taking an insane amount though.

  10. i never got fina cough when i pinned at 60mg/ml doubt transdermal would be any different

    there still is no proof that fina causes fina-cough, there's a lot of speculation that it could be something else

  11. How much did the fina **** with your head? I can have a really bad temper sometimes. Just taking 4 ad made it a bit worse. I was thinking fina might make it a lot worse.

  12. bad temper =no fina...seriously if u have a gf and a few close friends not to mention fam and have a hot head or bad temper dont do it.
    i am hot headed and i swear the four weeks i tried it i remeber getting into arguements and being totally wrong and still going..i made myself sick with the way i acted no fina for me..maybe some anger

  13. That's what I was worried about. Me and my g.f were kind of having a hard time. Things are finally smoothed out and we are getting along again. So I don't really want to have a blow up about something stupid.

  14. A lot of it is just self control.. just remember... personsally I feel like I am on top of the world with it.


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