STK Has Passed Away....

  1. Unhappy STK Has Passed Away....

    STK was a class act and Im sure a lot of you have interacted with him and this is a sad day indeed......


    Killa's Queen of Pain posted 06-30-03 01:27 AM
    He passed away this morning. He went in his sleep and very peacefully, they will be doing an autopsy in the morning to find out the exact cause but they believe that it was his heart. They think that it just quit while he was asleep but I will post more details as I find them out myself. He and I spoke a long time ago about what either of us would do in this situation, and I told him that I would post all information about any funeral services on here for anyone who wanted to attend. He loved each and every one here like his own family as I know that most of you did for him. I have put the "business" on the back burner for now and will try to do all that I can to please everyone when I get around to it it's just not the most important thing going on right now and I hope that everyone understands that. He was a wonderful guy with a huge heart and would do anything for anyone and I guess his body just couldn't hold up anymore. Any questions that anyone has they can send to [email protected] . I will post the funeral arrangements as I get them figured out. He loved you all very much.

  2. May he rest in peace and fair well in Valhalla...

    He was a good bro and the finest of the field. STK will be missed...


  3. always sad when a loved one departs the realm of physical reality. though we grieve more for our own sense of loss than the departed, who is undoubtedly in a better place, much sympathy to spouse and all affected

  4. Very sad, may peace be on his family and friends.

  5. very sad day

    the best for his family



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