pheramax/epi cycle help

  1. pheramax/epi cycle help

    Hey im going to start a cycle of pheramax(ergo) and epi soon. I just wanted some input to make sure i have everything in order..
    By the way, I have ran two cycles of phera before, one with megazol, and i have also ran an epi cycle solo. I also have some preexisting gyno that my last epi run shrunk a little. I will be running e-form (transdermal formestane) during the first 4 weeks while running phera to minimize bloat and chances of gyno. I will stop using the e-form once i introduce 30mg of epistane since that seems to be enough gyno protection and the gains are lean. If gyno flares up on phera I will immediately drop it and go right into epistane. I will obviously have nolva on hand and will be running milk thistle during cycle and pct.

    week 1: phera 15mg (might bump up to 30mg half way through week)
    week 2: phera 30mg
    week 3: phera 30mg
    week 4: phera 15mg/epistane 30mg (Fist day PM 30mg and Epi 10mg. 2nd day PM 15 and Epi 20. 3rd day continue PM at 15 and then move up to 30mg Epi)
    week 5: epistane 30mg
    week 6: epistane 30mg
    week 7: epistane 40mg

    Post Cycle Therapy
    I will be using Dr. D's method of running ATD inversely to a serm. i will also using a cortisol blocker (retain 2). My PCT will look something like this..

    Week 8: 40mg Nolva, 25mg ATD, 4 caps of Retain 2
    Week 9: 30mg Nolva, 50mg ATD, 3 caps of Retain 2
    Week 10:20mg Nolva, 50mg ATD, 3 caps of Retain 2
    Week 11:10mg Nolva, 50-75mg ATD (depending on how my libido feels), 2 caps of Retain 2
    Week 12: 25mg ATD, 1 cap of Retain 2

    If you see anything that needs to be changed please feel free to let me know. Thanks!

  2. any ideas??

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