adderall ?? good for anything ??

  1. adderall ?? good for anything ??

    Bro's, my boy has 20mg Adderall - I did a seach on the board and only found one person taking adderall XR - 50mg 1-4 a day.

    -For those of you that don't know, Adderall is for people with ADD or ADHD - keeps you focused and going all day. Feels like a 10hr caffenine rush off of 20mg - huge appetite supression, not cool.

    -I am researching but I would like to know if this stuff has any cutting effects or any effects at all for BB ??

    -I don't think that the above doseage could be taken with this Adderall - This is prescribed to a 6'4 260lb male - XR looks like it is for kids.

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    I'm not sure what affects this stuff would have on bb'ing but I've been on Adderall for a year now with no side affects. It does suppress the appetite but you just got to keep eating.

    Also, the XR stands for X-tended Release. This stuff stays in the system for over 12 hours.


  3. It would be useful during cutting because it is a CNS stimulant and has appetite supression characteristics.... ahhhh amphetimines...nice hahahha

  4. Thanks for the replies so far....

    doseage recommendations for cutting effects??

    - I have a fair amount of this stuff at my disposal - in 10 mg doses.

    taking 20mg, sometimes 30mg, but only on the weekends at the moment, only lets me sleep like 5-6 hrs and not good sleep at all (I think that's my fault though, usually taking it at like 3 PM). took 20mg today - long weekend but besides that I keep it to the weekends.

    anything I might pair it with, can't imagine adding caffenine, had a cup of coffee and it felt cool but I sit in front of a computer all day, I'll drive myself crazy being full of energy and stuck in a chair.

    Currently on Down week 2 from UCP-1 (Awesome results for only two weeks too), will start 2nd cycle July 7th.

  5. Careful this stuff is addicting also. Just stick with clen or ECA, adderall is a powerful drug and not to be toyed with. Just my opinion. I've done it before I quit all rec. drugs and still occasionally wish I had it.

  6. Originally posted by elijah_123
    Careful this stuff is addicting also. Just stick with clen or ECA, adderall is a powerful drug and not to be toyed with. Just my opinion. I've done it before I quit all rec. drugs and still occasionally wish I had it.
    Acderall is completely non-habit forming from a molecular / chemical stand-point. That being said, any drug can be mentally habit-forming, take AAS as a prime example.

    Amphetamines do raise cortizol levels, thus making them catabolic. To what extent I do not know, and would be interested in any research anyone could post in this regard, being that I too take Adderall.

    Also, other than appetite suppression, I would like to know if there are any thermogenic qualities associated with methamphetamine, high doses will certainly make the user sweat profusely, no matter what the room temp, but I am not sure by what mechanism this is caused. Any studies / research would be appreciated on this subject.

  7. Maybe it was the doses I was taking. At one point I was taking or snorting about 75mg at a time. THe high from that amphetamine is VERY mentally addicting.

  8. I definately agree with that.

  9. I too took it before. i also abused it when i was a teenager. try taking 200-240mg/day. u cant sleep/wont sleep for 2 days at least. i would also advise that like cocaine, it is VERY addicting. i gave u my warning, bro. i suggest u take it.

    btw, for some reason i had a script given to me like always, and when i cashed it, they gave me the generic form. on the bottle where it says the name of the drug, instead of adderal, it said Amphetamine. no joke, thats NUTS!!

  10. I'm taking it now. My sister gave me some of hers both the XR and the tablet for in 5 to 10mgs. Its awesome. I'm keeping my dose low and I only use for days that I do overtime and need an extra boost. I like it a whole lot better than using ephedrine b/c you don't crash into oblivion. I hate that.
    I can see why it could be mentally addictive though. I wouldn't hit the panic button unless you have an addictive personality. If you do....proceed with caution.

  11. am i the only one who abuses it for STUDYING? weird.

  12. probably dude, but yer a whacko and all you do is STUDY!!! LoL j/k

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*
  13. Unhappy

    Just a WARNING to those who are using it other than prescription.

    Proceed with caution. My days of using products that stimulate the CNS are over. Last night I had to run to the ER to get checked out because my heart was pounding and racing. Now let me say that I love the feeling that speed or CNS stimulating products would give but this time it wasn't cool. I experienced sharp pains going through my arms accompanied by shortness of breath. Other things include chest pain and jaw pain.

    The physician said that everything was okay b/c my symptoms subsided. I was told that it was Palitations. They won't rule out what happened earlier as a heart attack but they said I should not worry about anything because of my age (25). I like pushing the envelope but this time I went to far. 5mg of adderall is a low dose. I taken it off and on for about 2 months perhaps. I guess my body got pissed and said this is enough.

    Just a warning to you bros out there, be safe.

  14. 5mg? wow, i guess it just doesn't work well with your body. Didn't you grow a tolerance using it for a month or two on and off?

  15. I sure did. Ephedra had more of a kick than Dexadrine. I actually have a high tolerance right up until yesterday.
    I had coffee at Starbucks with 3 shots of espresso 4 hours previously to that 5mg I took later on that day.

    Ultimately dude..I don't blame the product for it. It was my decision. My habits just caught up with me thats all. I'm at home chilling out today. I thinking it could be a combination of things. Working 45 plus hours a week, studying for classes, and volunteer work at the hospital.

  16. hope you get better dude!

    P.S. As a side note, i'm not saying that it wasn't the adderall at all, but i think you need to evaluate anything else it could have been, and just be careful. Theres plenty of little kids who take adderall at higher doses than that consistantly for years daily because of ADD, and i'm not saying that makes a difference, but i wouldn't just say "adderall" and keep doing what you do, because theres a chance it may have not been the cause.

  17. True...I open to other possibilites that could have caused it.

    I'm going to make an appointment for a physical. I've been away from the iron a longer than I care to say, so my diet has been pretty jacked up.

    I've been downing a few energy drinks before and during work...I don't know. I could have been a lack of rest..Who knows..

    Thanks for your input though...


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