Actually tomorrows the last day.. Anyways Havoc Doses were at 30mg a day and the 11oxo were 225mg. lets start with my thoughts on the these two bad boys.

When i 1st started i weighed in at 150lbs at 13.5% I'm currently at 164lbs, I checked my BF% last week which was at 12.5% surprisingly i leaned out a bit more! NO side effects either. However my libido went down. As far as doing any Cardio I was just doing my Muay thai training which is an hour class, 3 times a week.

Strength - Bench before 165 x 8 Now 205 x 5

Squats before 225 x 8 Now 265 x 8

Lat pull down before 180 x 8 Now 210 x 8

Deadlifts 205 x 8 before deadlifts now 235 x 6

basically everything went up about 25-30lbs

Average calorie intake daily was 3500 cals per day.

Starting PCT tomorrow. I'm going to be using Clomid. How many MG should i use daily?

current stats 5'6 @ 164lbs at 12.5 %