What me do??

  1. What me do??

    Well, first week into my tren only cycle, 40mgs ED for 8 weeks and planning on incorporating 4AD into the cycle (T4 gel) but my question is.....WHEN and HOW LONG? I figure the T4 will be 6 weeks worth at 6ml's ED, so I heard if you are on tren and add a form of test, run it 2-4 weeks over the tren so HPTA is a "little less" shut down?? is this a good idea or does it not make sense? I guess the purpose for the extended use is while the tren is discontinued you will slightly recover from the time ur still running the test or 4AD? Maybe you guys can lead me in the best path of how to run the 4AD, thanks boys.

  2. ...skip the 4-AD and get some test prop.


  3. Alright that didn't answer anything that I asked. I really don't wanna make syno remove estro, kill my inject sites more etc...... and I have no hook up to get any test, so of course thats why im wanting a 4AD, but chemo you dont think I should bother with 4AD? pointless almost? anyways my question was if I were to run it, should I let it run 2-3 weeks over the fina? THANKS FELLAZ

  4. If your going to run it then run it side by side. There is really no magic way to do it, just get on and run. If I was going to do that I would front load heavy and then go to my maintenance levels until I ran out. That said, dont do it and get some Test Prop....

  5. well ****, thats cool. So basically just run the stuff, not beneficial for running it over time? just run it and be done with it? ok, well I should be getting the T4 in a week so Ill just run it from when i get it til its gone (6 weeks) which is when my tren will be gone also.

  6. You could get synovex and convert it to TNE and use it transdermally...

    (I think)

  7. Originally posted by JFP2026
    You could get synovex and convert it to TNE and use it transdermally...

    (I think)
    You could do that, or get a Dazed kit and make prop

  8. run the real thing bro. Ull know y in a few weeks


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