Transdermal Mass Program (will update)

  1. Talking Transdermal Mass Program (will update)

    OK, So ive done the research. I saw a doctor for what turned out to be a minor problem and he said that he doesnt approve of it but I fine to go ahead for it. I was going to get some AAS's (dont tell my wife) but my supplier seems to have become extremly dry and I was recommended to stay away from Online sources.
    It's 1:57 am on 6/30/03 and Ive just placed an order with PowerNutrition for T-1 Pro, T-4, and 6-oxo (for post cycle). And an order to LiquidResearch was made for some Nolva (for post cycle or in case of an emergency during cycle). Im extremly curious to see if this $200+ dollar cycle will be comparable to past Oral PH's. I figured that since everyone in here seems to be so cool about posting cycles, routines, and results I might as well contribute as well.

    Pre-Cycle Stats:
    6'1" 218lbs Last BF measure was about 16% but was 4 months ago. Ill try for new one before starting.
    All the recommended Supps:

    Multi-Vits, Creatine, Glutamine, Flax oil, BCAAs, 100% Whey protein, Soy/egg protein. (All GNC Brand, Got a serious hookup, Back door bargains)

    Meals: (eating myself out of house and home)
    Alot!!! Alot, alot of everything (but seafood)

    Will post in excel format at later date. (plan to keep digital journal to track any strength gains)
    Oh yeah, Pics will be taken for visual results. Before, during and after. Hopefully.

    Im sure Im getting ahead of myself since Ill be waiting a few days for the crap but Im looking forward to it. Wish me luck!

  2. This should be better than oral PH cycles, oral PH's may be more convenient but not better. Good luck with your cycle

  3. Good luck bro! You should definately be happier with transdermal!
  4. Question routine info.

    The attached routine is a modified version of what Im doing now. Ive added some exercises and ill probably alternate some to avoid any overtraining problems. Ill probably leave cardio out completely for this cycle.
    Any opinions are appreciated. So what do you think?
    ooh and abs will be done every other day.

  5. 1st weeks gym log.



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