Test/Tren cycle question...

  1. Test/Tren cycle question...

    thinking of doing test e and tren e for ten weeks. 600 mg of test and 300 mg of tren. do you think ten weeks is long enough, or should I go 12? I want to go 12, but i would have to mess around and make up a funky dosing scheme or buy more gear. I just want to make sure i have enough time after it "kicks in." I plan to kick start it with some original Designer Supps Superdrol, 1st batch! what do you all think?

  2. If it's going to take buying more gear, I'd just stick with a 10 week cycle. should be plenty of time for the enanthate esters to kick in.

  3. For a 10 week cycle you will have about 5 weeks of fully kicked in gear working for you. Me myself thats where the fun begins but thats just me. I dont think ive ever ran an injectible cycle shorter then 12 weeks. You have to listen to your body though and work within the funds you have. 10 weeks is still a great cycle and should yield great gains!

  4. I could buy more, but it would just cost so much more money. Money I dont want to spend..lol But 10 weeks will hopefully be enough.

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