First time T-1 pro user, few time gear user, few questions, THANX!

  1. First time T-1 pro user, few time gear user, few questions, THANX!

    Hey guys, I am a resident on and Freakz.. Unfortionately, I have to go away to some Prison boot camp for some trouble I got into in 7 wks and want to cycle somthing before I go. Not enough time to order, cycle and theorpy gear so I figured I would try this T-1 Pro I hear you guys raving about. Im 22, 185 lbs, about 12% bf. Been training hard for about 3 1/2 years and have done two real cycles of sauce in the past (last one was almost a year ago so receptors nice and clean!). I talked to John from Powernutrition and he said with my experience 4 pumps a day 2 morn and 2 night would be ok, even though in the stickys that says the crazy are you ****ing nuts cycle! So I would do a 4 wker, with 3 wks clomid theorpy and then I would be shiped off nice and bulked to shred down in Bootcamp! 4 pumps a day wouldn't be a big deal right, even though I have never done 1-test or 4ad before right? I have an eca supp for the lethargy. What do ya'll think, try it and if I feel funny down the dose right? Also he said to get off creatine cuz it will fight for receptors and would be a waste to do it on cycle just add it ASAP post cycle, what do you prohormone vets think about that? Thanks a bunch guys, this seems like a kick ass board with a lot of cool bro's!! Stay up.....Influencer

  2. Hey bro, welcome to AM. I would recommend the Heavy dosing (3ml. twice daily). The insane dose is for those who have experience with 1-Test, I know you've done gear, but you haven't done 1-Test so I'd say to be on the safe side do the Heavy dosing. The ECA is a good addition, the Creatine IMO can be used during and after cycle, some people even like V-12 better than regular Creatine so you also have that option. 4 pumps twice. Good luck with your cycle.

  3. Welcome to AM bro. I'm going into my third week of my first PH cycle with T1-Pro at 4 pumps a day. Obviously, not what is recommended for the most part on this board as your first time, but I've been kind of reckless lately, but I've been lucky. No real side effects... a little bloat that showed up in the nips early on but that subsided. No real mass gains for me yet, but my strength has gone through the roof. Hoping the mass catches up with me though. The only thing I would suggest is to go with the nolva over clom. Little bit more $ but from everything I've read...better on the post and a need if gyno shows.

    Good luck bro

  4. Thanx for the welcome bro's, I have nolva and clomid lying around so you think nolva for post, both or just have nolva on hand incase? I havn't had any prob with gyno on my past sauce cycles so not too woried about it (knock on wood). Double up, are you taking creatine with your t-1 or did you get off? Also how is the lethargy (tierdness)? I'm glad to hear the awsome strenths gains but no weight huh, that sux. Oh yeah and Iron Warior I have a jug of Swole by syntrax (suposed to be similar to v-12) Im debating on if I should run it during the T-1 pro cycle or if it would be a waste, it probably couldn't hurt right?

  5. I cut out the creatine about two weeks before the start of my cycle so I could get a good read on what the T1-Pro would do for me. Plus the fact I didn't want to take a water retention suppliment with the 4ad in the T1. The lethargy hasn't been an issue and my sex drive has been on time. I'm just using the nolva for the post no clom. I'm going to grab a bot of zma as well, but that is it for my post. Did notice since jumping on the scale the end of last week that the mass is starting to show up. I had a 4 - 5lb jump in the past 4 days. As for Swole...I don't really know the stuff so I couldn't say.

  6. thanx bro.

  7. I would not recomend the insame dose first. Start with the 3pumps/day. That will do you fine. The first time people do 1-test they respond VERY well.. I suggest first timers to about 200mg 1-test and 100mg 4-ad.. TTY

    PS If you want to get some more bulk then add some T4 a couple pumps extra / day.. TTY
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  8. Like I said bro insane dosage isn't recomended for your first time around... I have been reckless as of late and made my own educated decision for myself. read up and do as you see fit. I can only tell you my own experience.

    later...good luck

  9. What is you whant to get some cutting action


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