ok so i need some opinion

  1. Question ok so i need some opinion

    i need help with deciding on a stack. the main product will be havoc, the un methylated product to stack with it is where im having a hard time i dont know whether to use propadrol or furaguno? what do you guys think?

  2. I am currently using the prop + havoc, pretty good I must say, 3 weeks in and +10lbs.

  3. hhhhmmm

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    I am currently using the prop + havoc, pretty good I must say, 3 weeks in and +10lbs.
    damn! how is your strength. im just trying to find out which is better in terms of sides and positives. yadadimean?

  4. Strength has been up, I have taken notice of improvements within mid week #1.
    The side that I have gotten was back pumps, not throughout, more of on an off when I pushed dosage around 50/60 on the havoc. There was times of oily skin but nothing a bit of water can fix.
    Most of all is the the Prop + Havoc gave me fat loss which is a nice addition.
    I wanted to try furz myself, but not with havoc, maybe halo.

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