Please Evaluate My Cycle

  1. Question Please Evaluate My Cycle

    I made a post before asking about what to do with Havoc during and after and I learned a lot. I came up with the following cycle and I would like to hear where it could be improved. Before anyone says anything about SERMs, I do know what they are and how to go about obtaining them but I want to try this anyway as a personal preference. If it can be improved upon please advise. I thank you

    Week 1, 20mg Havoc
    Weeks 2 - 4, 30mg Havoc

    During this time I'm using Liver Longer and other supplements which are meant to keep me healthy such as vitamins and minerals, milk thistle, fish oils, flaxseed oil.

    Next I want to come away from the Havoc with estrogen that is not too high or too low and want to stop the testosterone plummeting.

    Weeks 5 - 8, Advanced PCT and Mass FX

    I want to know more about Mass FX and if it can be used in this way and whether I need to take extra at the start as I believe it takes a while to get going. Also can tribulus be used here too? Can I use all 3 together even?

    Next I want to do 4 weeks without altering my hormone levels from the norm too much. I could do...

    Weeks 9 - 12 natural

    or use tribulus either carrying on from the last 4 weeks for another 4 or starting it up here for 4 weeks.

    A big general question I'd like to ask about tribulus is can it be used for say 8 weeks prior to beginning a 4 week course of Havoc? This is important as I intend to be back on the Havoc by week 13.

    Well hopefully you can see why I'm trying to do here and I know everyones going to be saying about the SERMs but please evaluate this as if SERMs are not an option. On a seperate point could someone state to me the difference a SERM offers (if it is meant to regulate estrogen and raise testosterone quickly) when these supplements are meant to do the same thing. I gather the SERM will be more potent but are there other differences to look out for?

    I am beginning the 4th week of Havoc now and I feel really normal except I have put on a heck of a lot of muscle and appear to have lost fat despite eating like a champion. Sex drive and function are not any different to normal really, just feels different sometimes. Aggression was very bad on 1 occasion when someone was cheeky to me but thats all. My general mood is far improved as I feel good all the time. I can't find a downside to this stuff so I'm hoping to go back to it again as soon as I recover from this cycle - perhaps week 13.

    I bought a load of 6-oxo mistakenly thinking it was all I needed for PCT so if my cycle looks sensible enough perhaps someone could advise how I could get the 6-oxo used up. I'd like to be back to the Havoc by week 13 as I have an event coming up where I need to be as big as I can be. Thanks.

    One final point I'd like to ask which I just thought of as I was checking my calendar (lol). Can I increase the Havoc dose to 40mg for the last few days? Is it better to go higher at the end of begin to lower? I understand Havoc is a tame product. Would I be able to instead try the following schedule...

    Week 1, 20mg Havoc
    Week 2 - 3, 30 mg Havoc
    Next 4 or 5 days, 40mg Havoc

    Next 2 or 3 days, PCT increased dose (to be discussed)
    Week 5 (yeah 5) - 7, rest of PCT

    Week 8 - 10, go natural

    This would enable me to be back on the Havoc in time.

    Just to give an overview on what I'm asking - ignore the end part there, unless thats what you want to talk about, I just wanted to get it out there for anyone who wants to comment on it after we discuss the original matter. I am sorry if I made it a bit confusing but help will be greatly appreciated. Apologies about the sheer quantity of questions also but I have noticed most people on here are pretty smart and are able to identify the areas that need addressing on the majority of forum posts I have read.

  2. Thanks, I was thinking of going higher next time but don't want to keep using the same producyt as my body will get used to it but this gives me plenty of time to find something else easy to obtain legally that is potent.

    I have heard the likes of jungle warfare is pretty good yet does not need PCT. Can anyone tell me are the results really that good?

    Anyway I digress, can anyone else answer the questions from the first post? Thanks!

  3. Please some info would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I made the first post too long. Just wanted to know about the Mass FX really. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. OK close this one, I'm not going to bother following it up now. I will try something else as I'm running out of time.

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