Another first cycle thread

  1. Another first cycle thread

    I posted this on another board as well but i thought i would see if i could get answers to my questions here.

    I am in week 4 of my first cycle which consists of:

    wk 1-4 D-bol- 40mg/day
    wk 1-12 test E, 250 mg twice per week ( 500mg/wk)

    I have seen really good results, started at 225lbs, 4 weeks in and im sitting at 255, crazy ****. In the first week I started getting itchy nips, my right one looked elongated so i hit Nolva up at 10 mg/day, i still continued to get itchy nipples off and on so i upped the nolva to 20mg day ever since with no more issues. I have since looked at old pictures and notice my right nipple has always been slightly larger than my left, funny how you don't notice these things until you really start looking.

    I realize alot of the added weight is a mix of water/fat/muscle but I am still happy so far. No acne as yet, my skin is more oily but I'm using a couple of different skin cleaners/soaps that seem to be working on that. My sex drive seemed to crash a bit in the first week but after that my libido has been sky high, constant rock. The only other sides that i have had to deal with so far is bloated ankles/feet. I suspect this will go away after i drop the d-bol, along with off and on lower back pumps. They seem to go away if i sit down for a minute or two though so no real complaints.

    My strength increase has been pretty wild. I finish my 4 weeks of D-bol tomorrow, im just wondering what i can expect, how much weight will i drop? will my strength decrease? Will my strength continue to go up as the test kicks in or does it level off.

    training: Im doing a variation of 5x5, loving it, I started it a few weeks before i started my cycle. My joints seem to be holding up ok, rotators have been a bit sore this week so i think i will take a week off lifting heavy and do some lighter speed type training, it has worked for me in the past to get past plateaus.

    Diet: 4500-5000 cals/ day, keeping my protein high obviously.

    Oh yeah, 37 years old, training serious for 3 years. ( off and on for years before that ) I used to be an avid runner and when i started lifting i weighed 175lbs. So i made some decent gains training natural.

  2. Looks good man, you got a nice cycle set up. It sounds like youre holding quite a bit of water though. Dbol and Test together will do that, especially on your first cycle. You can expect to lose some of the extra water once the dbol is stopped but your overal gains will continue since the test is just beginning to take full effect.

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