ok be gentle here..lol

  1. ok be gentle here..lol

    i was checking out www.zoelabs.com they sell a product called equipoison..its supposedly a bunch of sterile prohormone for intramuscular administration...would this even work? i heard 1-ad sucked when injested..they also sell a sterile 1-test..sorry just bored and curious as to what u guys would have to say about this

  2. Don't they sell Synthol? hehehe...use at your own risk


  3. ok just out of curiousity and hypothetically thinking would a vet injectable version of vitamin e help with the severe pain of 1-test being injected?say a 1/1 combo?

  4. I don't see why vitamin e would help a 1-test injection site. If you want to shoot something, go get some syno/fina.

  5. it was a more or less technical ? as injecting myself would be illegal..lol..anyway i was reading that some guys were using vitamin e and mixing it with ip gear to off set the painful injections because of ba



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