On cycle anti-e's

  1. On cycle anti-e's

    What would you all recommend for an on cycle ant-e? Nolva works good, but it will hinder my gains and I'm going to need to take an anti-e for most if not all of my cycle. Arimidex I hear works well but it's expensive as hell. Formasin/Formastat I've heard mixed reviews about. My doses are 168mg of 1-test and 4-ad. (2 squirts twice daily). I'm not concerned with bloat, just gyno. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dubyah.

  2. How about some 6-oxo. 1-2 bottles works well for most on 1-test/4ad cycles.

    Love your moniker......You should spell it Dub-Ya. LOL

  3. You can get Liquidex for a very reasonable price....

  4. 6-oxo is good for post cycle, not for on cycle. YellowJacket, where can I get it reasonably priced? Liquid Research is the cheapest I've seen and I've only heard bad things about how slow they are. Every where else I've seen is like $20 more.

  5. http://www.liqua-solutions.com/dex.html

    From the best liquid research company out there.

  6. Thanks for the reply. Are formasin/stat worthless, or do they work? I only ask cause they are significantly cheaper, and my wallets thin as it is.

  7. Gyno shouldn't be a concern on those low dosages.


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