T-1 Final and bad rash

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    T-1 Final and bad rash

    Been on T-1 Final now for 3 weeks. Havent really noticed much as far as gains are concerned but I have picked up a nasty rash. I first applied it on the inner sides of my forearms, until I started to get minor irritation. Then I switched to my chest and for some reason my forearms just blew up into a pretty bad rash. Also, after a few applications on the chest, I now have it there as well. Is this an allegeric reaction and or is my body resisting?

  2. I also got a small rash from taking T-1 Final on the inside of my elebow where I would really rub a lot of the stuff in. I just didn't apply it there for a couple of days and the rash went away. Rub it on in different spots and see if the rash continues. Maybe you just have to very the spots you rub it on. One day your arms next day your legs next day your chest etc. See what happens but I also had a small rash develop but it went away fairly quickly for me.

    I've been using it so far for 2 weeks and have gained 8 pounds(185 up to 193). Not sure if its all muscle becuase I didn't go up really in my weights but at least I gained weight and thats something I never do.

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