Alchohol use vs Methyls: Which is WORSE for your liver?

  1. Alchohol use vs Methyls: Which is WORSE for your liver?

    So we all know that orals are hell on your liver. But I can tell you that a few years back I was stationed in Germany and drank myself into a STUPOR every night (ahhhh....the

    So now, like many of us, I hardly drink at all...and NEVER when I'm on a cycle.

    So what do you think? Is much of the hoopla over the use of orals over rated? Especially for those of us who don't go overboard with them, use support supps, take time off...etc.

    Which is worse....drunk every weekend or a couple of cycles per year?

    Let the debate begin!

  2. No need to debate because this thread has been created several times over.There are too many variables for a black and white answer but they both can be very harsh and cause long lasting damage.

  3. A long time ago - a certain long standing member of this community had a bit of an experiement (a stupid one at that ) with M1T.

    So - here's my answer to your debate.
    Blood work after a year and 5 cycles of M1T later...

    (I'm coupling the cholesterol issues seen with harsh methyls like M1T, SD with the liver impact to say harsh methyls when not used properly are worse than binge drinking. I will say I have no data on binge drinkers as to their cholesterol/liver values - nor do we know if these methyls could lead to cirrhosis of the liver. In the end - I believe this debate is esoteric at best.)

  4. BTW - it goes without saying that I love you Jay.

    You were stupid though.

    Here - have a pizza. izza:

  5. This is a direct quote from ALRI's BTPB, "You should see most people's blood work after a hard night of drinking and partying. You would think anadrol-50 was mild in comparison."

    And that man knows his ****, wouldn't suprise me if hes compared liver panels.

  6. all i have to say is i know a guy in a frat that went through a very heavy month of drinking nearly every night, but had a decent diet and drank plenty of water. he was worried about his liver so he got a blood test and his liver values were absolutely fine, nothing wrong at all.

    i wonder if drinking an ass load of water before you go to bed helps your body out much? i know it makes the next day a hell of a lot more enjoyable...

  7. I learned a lot of lessons the old fashioned way...I ignored good advice and did it anyways and suffered the consequences. I have got a bit wiser the last few years but I do my best to pass along what I learned from being stupid. Too bad there are others out there just like me.

  8. I had a stage a few years back where i went out and got drunk out of my mind every other night. I was always always worried about my liver and i went to the doc twice that year for blood work. Everything was fine... and my liver enzymes were not elevated at all.. perfect cholesterol.. only problem was a slightly raised blood pressure. I have never done a cycle of M1t or superdrol but i had a good friend that did a cycle of M1t in college. He messed himself up big time the guy wasnt a serious bodybuilder and was taking m1t as a shortcut.... He also drank while doing m1t. His experience was enough for me to never try m1t or superdrol.

  9. Jay,
    The greatest thing you could ever do for this board is share your experience with M1T. I'm pretty sure it stopped ALOT of people from making similar mistakes.

    Hell - it stopped me from using it period.

  10. How would Pheradrol compare in reference to harshness to your liver and what are the best ways to prevent yourself from having any long term effects?


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