hows this look

  1. hows this look

    i am looking for a good cycle near the end of year. Heres my tentative plan: thoughts???

    epistane wk [email protected]/30/40/40
    sdrol* wk [email protected] on wed./10mg on fri./20mg on sat.
    *(as i will be on keto diet and looking for good
    retention on my carb up days)
    epistane wk [email protected] pulse 30-40mg EOD/or on w/o days

    workouts: M-W-F(weights), T-Th-Sat(cardio)
    back: pullups-deadlift-bb/db rows
    chest:dips-inc/flat/dec bench-pullover
    legs:squat-leg press-lunges
    shoulders:seat press-clean-shrug
    *throw in 15-30 min light cardio on w/o days

    cycle supps:Life support, 1/2 dose liver longer???, excell, fish oils, i have a good multi

    post cycle therapy: AX post cycle therapy Advanced, SNS Inhibit-E/or ALRI Restore, Nolva, etc. on hand, Liver Longer(8wks), AX retain

    diet: strict keto w/carb load on Fri./Sat. protein intake 300g+ is the only number i will follow closly.

    till december i will continue my cut and will be working on getting my bf% to 12%+/-

  2. im really not trying to be an jerk, but could anyone throw me a reply. or maybe another good board to post on???

  3. I wouldnt do a full month cycle and then pulse, your going to be suppressed, and pulsing is not going to help you recover very fast. IMO this cycle would f*** you up big time! You would prolly get a bad case of gyno and recovery is likely to be a *****. If your wanting to do a twelve weeker with a pulse incorporated, I would do it in the revers order, pulse first then do a regular month cycle. By the looks of this plan, it seems to me like you were looking to limit your post cycle therapy or reduce the risk of liver toxicity. If your trying to do this, just do a regular pulse. 10-12 weeks of pulsing will give you great gains and will be a lot less risky than this proposed cycle.

  4. thanks harold, that was my reasoning for ending in a pulse, but ill changed that.
    wk 1-8: epi pulse EOD 30-40mg
    wk 1-8: sdrol pulse 5mg wed./10mg fri./20mg sat.
    wk 7-16: PCT(as stated above)

  5. 7-16 PCT??? wth... why so long? and 1-8 on sdrol doesnt look good even if you are only dosing 3 days a week.



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