Test-E and EQ, primo, tren, etc for lean mass gain?

  1. Question Test-E and EQ, primo, tren, etc for lean mass gain?

    Hey bros... thinking of my next cycle. I dont exactly want to do a full blown cutting cycle, as I dont mind having a little body fat... still in the process of getting up in weight to where I want to be before I worry about seriously cutting. I think I want to stick with test-e as a base, but I'm not sure what to stack with it. I've had EQ, primo, and tren run through my mind and wanted your opinions as to what you prefer for a lean mass building stack. tks again.

  2. tren, tren, tren, tren, tren, tren,tren,tren, tr, tr,tr, tr, TREN!

  3. Tren is great man you won't be disapointed.I have never done primo but i have seen it work wonders and it is a little more safe then tren from what i have heard

  4. both EQ and Primo are very mild in comparison to Tren.

    You can't compare them at all.

    EQ and Primo are both two of my favorites to use with Test. I use either, but not both at once as it is redundant to do so IMHO.

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