what should i do? i need your help!

  1. Question what should i do? i need your help!

    Hey guys I started a cycle of t-1 final and 1,4 diol by BDC nutrition on june 14th and i love it, I am doing a 4 week cycle. 4 on 4 off with 6 oxo then 4 on and 4 off with nolva to finish the whole thing.

    Well here is the problem I just had an accident at work and i had to to to the ER because I cut my thumb and index finger badly, requiring 14 stiches...anyway I won't get the stiches out for at least 7 to 10 days so what should I do about the rest of my cycle? Please help me this is very important to me and hopefully theres a way for me to continue without scrapping the whole cycle.

  2. Apply using latex (or similar) gloves. Allow to dry before removing the gloves. You'll be fine.

  3. I prefer vinyl gloves, personally.

    They're looser fitting, which I would guess would be preferable with 14 stitches. Easier to put on and take off.

  4. putting the stuff on is no big deal, i won't be able to lift for like a week or more

  5. The product will act as an anti-catabolic, so by the time you go back to training, you'll be right where you left off..

  6. I would focus on lower body compound movements that do not require the use of that affected limb. Sure you'll have to use it for squats but it won't be as much aggravation as preacher curls. IMO, it would be better to hit legs twice that week and continue to gain...

    As Pete said, you should lose very little on strength when you return to 100%...

    May your boo-boo heal quickly


  7. thanks a lot guys for the advice, I think I am going to try and do some lower body exercises for the week until I am 100% then I will resume my normal workout. Do you think I should buy another bottle and go for an extra week of my cycle of t-1 final and the 1,4 diol? Thanks again guys.


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